Zero inbox


To understand better, what are the current emails you need to work on.


When you can see new e-mails in your box, you can define what it is a category

  • Category 1: important and need to answer

  • Category 2: important and need to keep [bills, copy of books, promo code, etc]

  • Category 3: not important and need to answer in some time

  • Category 4: not important and do not need to answer

Depending on each category you will need to do the next concrete action

  • For Category 1: if the answer will take less than 2 minutes, just answer and if you do not need to await a response, archive the mail. If the answer will take a significant amount of time, then you need to keep it unread and add a task to your to-do list to answer ASAP.

  • For Category 2: for emails that are needed for history, you need to move them in separate folders/categories with meaningful names. Use filters to move them automatically.

  • For Category 3: if you can delegate this mail, just do it. Otherwise, you need to create one more task in your to-do list but probably with a lower priority than for Category 1.

  • For Category 4: archive it immediately and if you have such emails on regular basis, create a filter to archive them automatically

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