Tiramisu ingredients

  1. Yolks – 5 pieces

  2. Mascarpone – 250g

  3. Savoiardi(Ladyfinger) – 18-20 pieces

  4. Icing Sugar – 80g

  5. Espresso coffee (or filter) – 125g

  6. Amaretto (or any other alcohol)

  7. Сocoa powder

Tiramisu steps

  1. Prepare coffee and add alcohol (optional)

  2. Regularly mix Yolks with Icing sugar on a steam bath until it has 60 degree

  3. When it has enough temperature, take off from the steam bath and use a mixer with mid-level speed to make it light airy texture (for me it takes about 15 minutes)

  4. Now, need to add Mascarpone to the container with Yolks and Icing sugar and mix it until common texture. Your sauce is ready

  5. The next step will be to add to the form Savoiardi and sauce: each ladyfinger put into the coffee for 1-2 seconds and move to the form, repeat it until you have a full layer of Savoiardi. On top of it add the sauce as a second layer. Add one more layer with Savoiardi and sauce

  6. So, now you need to put your form into the refrigerator for 10-12 hours

  7. After refrigerator you need use sieve to add Cocoa powder to the form as last layer

  8. Your cake is ready ;)

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