Git create branch

git checkout -b "<new_branch_name>" "<from_branch>"
git checkout -b feature_x main
git checkout -b feature_x
  • new_branch_name – is a name of your branch

  • from_branch – is a name of branch from which need to create new branch, could be empty, in that case will be used the current branch

Git delete branch

Git delete local branch


git branch -D "<branch_name>"


git branch -D feature_x

Git delete remote branch


git push "<remote_name>" --delete "<branch_name>"


git push origin --delete feature_x

Git pipeline to rebase

If you're on the branch feature_x and you need to pull changes from the main branch, then the next example will be useful

git fetch origin main # pull the latests changes from remote
git checkout feature_x
git rebase origin/main
git push --force

Git squash my last commits

git reset --soft HEAD~<number_of_commits_to_squash>
git commit -m "Squash commit meesage"
git push --force

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